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  Balkanbet.com 20.10.2009

Eurofootball Limited (Balkanbet Group) is a company carrying out the activity of an online bookmaker incorporated and licensed in the Republic of Malta in February 2006, registered under reg. No. C 40842 and domiciled in the Republic of Malta. Eurofootball Limited (Balkanbet Group) is a company with a great experience in the land based casino operations and land based betting operations on the territory of EU since 1990 and the company is the largest land based casino operator in an EU country.

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  DOXXbet до 100% в подарок 26.10.2009


The DOXXbet brand belongs to DOXX, a strong capital group active in the entertainment and leisure industry. DOXX entered the bookmaking market in 1994 and boasts the benefit of over a dozen years' experience of running a sportsbook. In the early years, DOXX operated a chain of several hundreds of betting shops across Slovakia. As time passed by and the Internet grew into prominence, DOXX evolved into a modern online bookmaker. In 2007, DOXX gained a licence for international operation and succesfully entered the European market.

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  DominoesStars is a pioneer in the field of online domino games 28.10.2009

Dominoes Stars The Best Online Domi

DominoesStars is a pioneer in the field of online domino games, allowing players from all over the world to come together and play domino games. The game was beautifully transformed into a digitized version and is extremely life-like. Game play is intuitive and user friendly, and anyone can start playing against players from all corners of the world. Our goal is to make online domino a fun and realistic gaming experience for everyone.

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  Tipico.Com international trading company 17.11.2009

Tipico Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004 as an international trading company and is registered as such under the registration number C 34286 with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Tipico Co. Ltd. is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta to conduct betting business, agree other broker activities as well as further business concerned with betting activities, whereby Tipico Co. Ltd. is subject to the authority's strict guidelines and monitoring modalities.

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  Interwetten.com - bonuses 50-150 euros 08.12.2009

Interwetten is one of the leading providers of online sport betting.

Founded in 1990 as provider of sport betting via telephone, the company today has 110 employees and reached a betting turnover of about 320 million EUR in 2008. The internationally active company currently has more than 1,000,000 million registered customers in 200 countries. In 2008, bets were placed on more than 90.000 different sports events in more than 70 countries. Altogether, 11 million sports bets were placed in the previous year.

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  888.com 18.12.2009

The 888 Group

The 888 Group is headquartered in Gibraltar. Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited ("Cassava") exists within the 888 Group and is the owner and operator of the 888sport.com Internet site. Cassava also operates www.888.com - an online venue for casino, poker and bingo games.

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  Titanpoker.com 08.01.2010

Titan Bet is BIG sports betting, for the BIG sports enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner on our site, or an experienced player looking for the perfect sportsbook to suit your needs, we know that you will enjoy the action with us.

As our name implies, we are the giants of sports betting. Titan Bet is the latest addition to the Titan mega-brand, the same entertainment group that produces Titan Poker - the largest poker room on the iPoker network - and Titan Casino. As such, at Titan Bet, you can be sure that quality always comes first.

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  Jetbull.com - 100 euro bonus 01.02.2010

JETBULL.com is one of the fastest growing players in the European field of online betting and gaming. The company offers its customers a broad range of sport betting opportunities, a modern casino and numerous entertaining interactive games. JETBULL.com serves thousands of customers from 50 countries worldwide every month. You can access JETBULL.com easily from your home or office, and anywhere else during your travels, using your mobile phone.
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  Towergaming.com 03.02.2010

Tower Gaming Poker

Towergaming.com offers a safe, secure environment to allow you to enjoy the latest Online Poker, Casino, and Sports Betting software without a worry. We encourage online players to try our Online Poker and Casino games for play money first, especially if you are new to the world of online gaming or Online Poker.

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  About 10bet.com 06.02.2010


A relatively new bookmaker, 10Bet has quickly become a leader for soccer betting. It's a serious bookie, with high limits and a simple web interface. 10bet specializes in Asian Handicap odds, often with two or more handicaps available per match. You can also bet on smaller leagues that most bookies don't offer. 10bet often leads the market with their odds, which are posted early. With several deposit and withdrawal options, it's easy to pay-in and cash-out. And since 10bet is UK-licensed and regulated, you can bet with confidence

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