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  Делать ставки в Шотландии на McBookie 14.07.2010

Freebet Celtic Image

McBookie is a company dedicated to bringing the best possible service to the Scottish gambling market place. Whether betting on Andrew Murray to win Wimbledon or Scotland to win the World Cup, McBookie strives to be the number one choice for Scottish punters. Always putting Scottish sport and Scottish punters first, McBookie aims to deliver a first class betting service combined with excellent customer service.

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  EgamingOnline.com - promote casino, poker, Bgroom and sportbook 23.07.2010

EGamingOnline - EGO

EgamingOnline.com, with a variety of brands encompassing poker, casino, and backgammon, may be the only affiliate program you will ever need. All brands feature effective, workable promotions, solid player support, and conversion. Whether you are looking to promote one brand or all of them, EGO will work with you every step of the way.

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  Tower Gaming 28.07.2010

Tower Gaming Poker

Tower Gaming offers a safe, secure environment to allow you to enjoy the latest Online Poker, Casino, and Sports Betting software without a worry. We encourage online players to try our Online Poker and Casino games for play money first, especially if you are new to the world of online gaming or Online Poker.

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  EurosportBET от 75 до 100 фунтов в подарок 29.07.2010

EurosportBET is the commercial brand of SPS SA and its subsidiary SPS Betting (Alderney) Ltd. Both were created in 2008 and are respectively based in Paris and Alderney, bailiwick of Guernsey.

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  Nordicbet.com 30.07.2010


Nordicbet.com aims to offer a competitive gaming and betting service that attracts customers from all over the world, but with a main focus on European sports, including a wide range of local sports. We always welcome your wishes and preferences when it comes to the range of betting objects and other products we offer, to make sure that we continue to provide you with the best possible gaming and betting service on the internet.

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  200$ bonus on poker 04.08.2010

Real Money Gambling

If you're a poker fan, then there's no better place to wager your stake than at PokerTime. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you'll thoroughly enjoy the wide selection of games that this action-packed poker room has to offer.  
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  Sports Interaction 07.08.2010

NFL Betting

Sports Interaction, the first online sportsbook licensed and regulated in North America, has been the No 1 choice in the online gambling market for more than ten years. Sports Interaction is the first and only choice for so many members because:
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  Yankee Bet Explained 15.06.2012
In the sports betting world, there are many different kinds of bets. The average punter is quite familiar with the win-lose and money line bets. There’s also a reasonable degree of familiarity with the concepts of lay betting and event betting. A yankee bet, on the other hand, can be quite the unfamiliar creature.

Winning with a yankee bet is difficult if you don’t understand all the elements of the bet. At the very least, you should be able to name all the parts of a bet before you put your money on it. This is because a Yankee is made up of different multiple bets. Anything less than knowing the full components and you might as well hand your money straight over to the bookie and not even bother with a bet card.
Прочитана: 7599 |  Коментариев: 0

  Basketball NBA strategy 33% System 22.12.2012
Inexperienced handicappers often use flat betting. Betting this way makes really hard to make a profit on the long run and that is way most of the professional bettors use some kind of system that improves their chances of making money.

Years ago I’ve came across, so called, 33% straight bet system. I’ve been using it for years and it helped me increase my profit. Beauty of this system is that you need to win only 2 games out of 6 to make a profit. That’s why it’s called 33% straight bet system. The system was designed for betting against the spread in basketball or football with fixed odds of -110 (1.91 in decimal odds).
Прочитана: 5172 |  Коментариев: 0

  NBA Betting Systems: Tips & Strategies for Total Picks 27.12.2012

Miami Heat

Use SBR's NBA Betting Systems Guide as an aid to help you find the best value when making plays on the total. What trends can you use to make sure you are on the right side of the line with your NBA picks?
The NBA has a long season that often has a few twists and turns. There’s the early part of the season before Christmas where you wonder which teams are overachieving and which teams haven’t even woken up yet. Then there’s the middle part of the season where we start to see everyone’s true colors and then there’s the home stretch where some teams push for the playoffs and others simply quit while trying to get a better draft pick

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